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Beautyhero, established in 2015 by entrepreneur and beauty brand builder and strategist, Karen Marie Groth, initially began as a curated skincare destination focusing and building a community around reactive skin. Within a year, it evolved into a distribution agency, with Mario Badescu as it´s inaugural brand. A journey that made Mario Badescu a timeless hero brand among consumers in the Nordics.

Today, the beauty industry continues to grow rapidly, undergoing significant transformations. In response to these changes, we want to help advise visionary startups, retailers and forward thinking brands, build trust and credibility. Based on our in-depth knowledge of the beauty industry and up-to-date insights into consumer behaviours, we help define target groups, establish brand positioning, develop strong communication strategies, and innovative creative concepts.


Central to our brand's mission is the conviction that marketing embodies care. We channel the vitality sparked between individuals to underpin all our endeavors. Our dedication is to forge connections, nurture comprehension, and craft impactful experiences through our efforts, epitomizing the core of sincere care in each interaction. We offer insights-driven strategies, anchored in our profound comprehension and contemporary expertise of the beauty industry.

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