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Interview with founder of Alchemy: Karen Newby

By Karen Marie Groth

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As ALCHEMY SUPER BLENDS being our brand new Beautyhero baby, we´re giving it a little extra attention these days – also to give you the opportunity to get to know and love ALCHEMY as much as we do!

Therefore, we visited founder and creator of Alchemy Super Blend, Karen Newby, in London last week for a quick chit chat about her products and what makes them so incredible wonderful.

  1. Tell us a little bit about you and what you do?

I’m a nutritional therapist, wife, mother and fledgling business owner. I was inspired to start my degree in Nutritional Medicine after spending some time in India and being fascinated at how Ayuvedic doctors prescribe nutrition as part of their prescriptions. My approach to nutritional therapy is a bedrock of plants. I very much advocate the 80/20 rule – if 80% of your diet is nutrient dense then your body can handle 20% not so good. I lecture at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition, have my own private practice in Brighton and also co-run Alchemy with my business partner, Anne.


2. Whats the story about Alchemy?

I started Alchemy in my kitchen in November 2015. I’d recently turned 40 and I reached that point in my life when I thought “I can do this!”. I wanted to create my ultimate superfood blend for ease of use for my clients and to share my nutritional therapy knowledge.

As a nutritional therapist, I’m very much an advocate of food as your medicine. Quite often I would recommend superfoods and vegan plant protein powders but this was also quite expensive for clients and then they would clutter up cupboards or it’s easy to forget what they are for!! This is why the blends are so convenient – if you want more energy, then you just have to take Energy Elixir! I also wanted to merge plant proteins with superfoods, as both are hugely important. People often don’t get enough protein from plants in their diet as well as nutrients from plants in general. Protein is so so important to health – it is the building block of life! All the blends have a breakdown of nutrient content on the back because I wanted to show that even 10g of my products will go a long way to delivering our RDA of iron, Vit C, B Vits etc. I was also keen to make them a food not a supplement so that they are easy to absorb and digest.

3.What is your mission for your brand and the amazing products?

Launching in Scandinavia is of course hugely exciting for us! We also have 2 new blends which we hope to launch next year. Also moving into other European markets is also important to help the company grow.


4. How do you use it in your daily routine? What´s you best beauty trick to a healthy lifestyle?

The great thing about these blends is they are food and not supplements so you don’t have to be really specific about how much you put into them which helps when you are in a hurry in the morning! I have a green smoothie for breakfast most mornings so I put a combination of Beauty and Morning in with them and sometimes Energy Elixir if I know I have a big day or am tired!
Best beauty trick would be water. So many people don’t get enough in their diets. A small glass every half an hour, away from foods, is what I recommend. Herbal teas (although no Roibos as this contains tannins) can also go towards your daily amount. Remember that you sometimes feel hungry when in fact you are thirsty! Not only does it help the skin, it also helps concentration and memory function too.

5. Which one of the Alchemy products are your favorite – and why?

My go to green breakfast smoothie is Morning and Beauty Elixir with some frozen blueberries, celery, cucumber, spinach, squeeze of lemon and a small avocado. The combination of the Elixirs and greens gives me a massive micronutrient hit along with the added vegan protein and gentle soluble fibre (such as psyllium husk in the Morning Elixir) that helps keeps me pin sharp all morning without cravings. Your body craves micronutrients which makes every cell in our body function well, which then creates more energy! I purposely didn’t flavour the blends so that they don’t over power fresh juice or smoothies and because I wanted to champion the alkaline taste of plants which is often so limited in our sugar mad world!


6. As a new consumer to the products, which product would you recommend to begin with?

I always recommend the Beauty Elixir as it is the most berry like, however Morning too is a great all rounder as it is so nutrient dense but also has psyllium in it to help support the digestive system. I purposely haven’t flavoured them as I want that gorges alkaline taste that you get from plants to come through and not over power fresh juices or smoothies. I work a lot with children in my practice so I was keen to make these a food not a supplement so that they can be given to kids too.


7. As an beauty entrepeneur what have you learned that you wished you had known when you       first started you business?

Nothing quite prepares you for how much hard work it is – but then you see your products in Marie Claire of Women’s Health or you pick up a new store or a customer writes to say how amazing the products are, and then this makes it all worthwhile!

8. How do you balance your family life and your business life, what is your best advice for other ‘mompreneurs’, who dream about starting their own business?

I must admit, my working week is usually quite crazy as I have two boys that I need to get to school and then I swim straight after drop off (not in the sea I might add – we are based in Brighton). I then return home for my green smoothie and work. If I don’t exercise first thing in the morning then I never find time to do it and I like to catch the day work wise. My advice for want to be business owners, is to do your research before launching and make sure you learn to switch off – my to do list is every increasing and I have had to be tough with myself to actually stop working in the evenings or weekends. The wonder of technology allows so many things to be accessible for small businesses – my business partner is based in Australia so we communicate via whatsapp! My last bit of advice would be to go for it!!

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The Beautyhero Team