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Before Bedtime Routine

By Karen Marie Groth

Posted in

In this post we would like to guide you to the perfect before-bedtime-routine, for all of you with a tendency to sensitive, dry skin. Have in mind that while the seasons change to more colder temperatures, a lot of us can also see a change in our skin´s over all health, and it´s not for the better. Our skin get´s more dry and redness and tiny flaws in the skin, tend to be more visible. With that in mind, it´s important to not do too much. Keep your skincare routine simple, yet effective. As we don´t cleanse our face in the morning, besides splashing some toner or facial spray onto the skin after the daily shower, we do get a little bit more ‘active’ in the cleansing process in the evening.

First we remove our eye make up with either Bioderma or the gentle eye make remover with rice oil from Mario Badescu. Afterwards we cleanse our face with our beloved Cream Soap, that is super gentle and leaves your skin clean and calm, perfect for the winterseason. Then we would recommend to splash a few drops of the Chamomile Clenasing Lotion onto the face. Don´t use the normal cotton pads, as it can be too hard on very dry skin and provoke redness to resurface in the skin. Instead poor a small amount of Cleansing Lotion into your palms and dap it onto your face. Pad dry with a soft towel.

Then it´s time for our favorite step, the serums. We love the Peptide Renewal Serum for night time in combination with the amazing Herbal Hydrating Serum. Dap them gently onto the skin, instead of massaging and finish with your favorite nightcream, we love the Chamomile Night Cream, as it nourish the skin, without clogging the pores. Et voila, you are off to dreamland :-).

xx The Beauty Hero Team.